Studio: Keko
Role: Branding Designer
Client: Flok

Flok -
Brand identity

FLOK is the ultimate asset sharing destination for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI). Its asset pool includes villas, hotels, jets, yachts and more.
By signing up to the exclusive club, members are able to share their assets with like-minded individuals and access a wealth of uniquely luxurious properties in extraordinary settings across the globe.

In its initial start-up stage, FLOK reached out to Keko London for a full-scale brand identity design that could lay the foundation of the future communication ahead of launch.

For this project, I was tasked with building a coherent and comprehensive visual identity that stemmed organically from the principles set out by the strategy team.


The strategy process within Keko defined FLOK's brand house and its personality as that of the 'lead explorer', striving to be a voice of authority in the luxury travel sector and to change how the UHNWI experience the world.

One powerful insight that came from our research shows that most UHNWI are not born into wealth but have worked hard to obtain it. Time off therefore becomes the invaluable occasion for them to reconnect with reality and loved ones. This concept was first visually translated into the circular device and applied to photography, to identify the 'private space' that the UHNWI strives to attain while on vacation.


The logo is a direct application of the circular device. The brand's display font is here tailored into a logotype that focuses around the O, adjusted to become centre and pivot of the composition.


Photography and art direction is delivered in the form of a very pure, ethereal experience. Ultra-premium destinations and relentless quality of accomodation is a given for this target audience, so what is really communicated here is the guarantee of a sanctuary for the mind.

A mindful colour palette, inspired by the shades of the sky at different latitudes and hours, is coupled with spacious typography and thin outlined icons to complete the sophisticated look & feel.

As part of our deliverables suite branding guidelines, website redesign and social media guidance were provided to the client.

Luca Romeo — Design & Illustration


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