Studio: Keko/ IPG-X
Role: Brand Designer
Client: Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors

Bentley Motors is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading luxury automotive brands and is renowned for quintessentially British heritage and a perfect balance between luxury and performance, a concept embodied in the ‘harmony of polarities’ philosophy at the centre of the brand’s strategy.

From their headquarters in Crewe, and off the back of the most successful years ever in the company’s history, Bentley has been going from strength to strength, releasing their first SUV, spearheading the electrification of the company, and championing sustainability at every step of the car-making process.

It’s been a pleasure to witness this story of success while proudly supporting in the ideation and design of campaigns and initiatives in global and regional markets alike.

One highlight project within the Bentley brand as it pivots - like many others in the automotive sector - towards a lifestyle focus is definitely Bentley Residences. Bentley's first foray into real estate is a state-of-the-art luxury skyscraper coming to the skyline of Sunny Isles, Miami, by 2026. Core characteristic of the building is a special lift which allows residents to park their vehicle on their apartment floor. I have curated the branding and guidelines for this project as well as contributing to the general look & feel and world building around the platform, with a focus on cohesiveness but also innovation and future-proofing, in line with the direction of the parent brand.


I am also heavily involved in ad-hoc regional campaigns and initiatives, ideating, directing and developing brand extensions, key visuals and collateral packages to be used around the globe.


Illustrations by Tom Peake, represented by Meiklejohn.

My role as an integrated brand guardian also extends to all areas of communication, effectively planning, advising and designing the extension of campaigns through the line. Producing and supervising paid media, organic social content, printed ads, as well as traditional brand material like brochures and catalogues. 


Luca Romeo — Design & Illustration


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